Cannot find what you need? In addition, Amperor has developed a network of manufacturer’s representatives to assist in local support of our customers throughout the world, including Norcomp in the SF Bay area. Some homeowners, commercial systems managers and outdoor lighting management companies have looked warily at smart lighting, in light of its being seen as a major departure from what was required for lighting control in the past. Below are some questions to consider: Internet Retail Sales Website: Please use the list below to find the LED power supply you need.

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Do you require a faster start-up time or an extra auxiliary output?

Our products are designed with efficiency and reliability as the key elements to provide products that have the lowest cost of ownership possible.

Below are some questions to consider: If you have these questions in mind, you need to take a look at Amperor’s LED power supplies.

Aamperor Support One of the more valuable services Amperor has to offer our customers is our engineering support. Below are some simple rules to consider: Open Frame Power Supplies. After rushing to switch to the latest LED technology, many people are often puzzled by some unexpected questions. Amperor plans on adding more products and knowledge based articles on AmperorDirect.


Ho, President and CEO. Component level LEDs are better driven by a constant current source because it better controls the brightness and avoids lifespan decreasing of the LEDs in use. Internet Retail Sales Website: You can use either wire terminals or wire nuts amperoor make the connection.

Please refer to the below selection guides for details:. Please use the list below to find the LED power supply you need.

Please note that engineering samples products currently in development are available for review. We are committed to providing our customers innovative and cost effective solutions that insure their success in the high technology marketplace.

As a professional LED driver provider, we can help you decide how these LEDs can be connected to the driver in order to ensure an evenly brightness output across the system and an acceptable reaction to the fault condition. Internet Retail Sales Website: We believe this growth is result of the quality products we manufacture and the quality service we provide.

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Does the LED driver need to be convectionally cooled? You can consider a custom design. Four Class 2 Output Channels. Read his articles below or discuss your power supply design requirements with him.

From standard products to full custom we can support any power conversion requirement. Our wholly owned manufacturing facilities are state of the art and have been qualified to the highest ISO standards.


Open Frame Power Supplies

We have worked closely with the engineers in the LED lighting industry to develop products free from these pitfalls. How does the LED driver connect to the system?

If not, it is important to remember that the constant current source can be either implemented on the LED module level or realized by using the wmperor current LED driver. Do qmperor require a dimming function? What are the environmental factors? Open Frame Power Supplies. If the Class 2: Some companies that assemble their own LED modules in-house are using the higher voltage output options, such as the 36V or the 48V, so that they can mount as many LEDs as they can to one string as possible.

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However there are semi-assembled LED modules, which contain several LEDs and an on-board constant current source, available on the market. Some models currently in development, such as the ANP60 and ANP72, have the dimming function built-in on the power supply.

How can I expect the power supply to support the LEDs for their ampeeor lifespan?