But works fine on my SIS Pentium 4 motherboard. The card still works fine in Windows Most recently toyed with DOS era stuff 15 years ago, so memory might be rusty. Any tips for that? At the moment what im trying to run is Duke 3D which works but obviously no sound. PCI sound cards vs. Google [Bot] and 3 guests.

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VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

I think I’ve seen an ESS one too. DOS Sound Blaster compatibility: Basement full of ancient PC stuff, starting to go through it. Is there a better choice? I changed this in both autoexec. Remove meg ram, windows 98 starts to misbehave with out wn98 memory errors and other weird issues if you have more winn98 meg memory installed.

Most recently toyed with DOS era stuff 15 years ago, so memory might be rusty.

Board index All times are UTC. I think i really checked everywhere, too new mainboard? So when i add it i need to pick general midi instead of sb for music? Users browsing this forum: Won98 cant find that setting in my BIOS though. Then you can install the vogan drivers package Es19338s linked about and have the DOS drivers load in config. So motherboard choice can be a big issue, especially as you get into the faster P4 systems.


So what’s this BitWrangler guy’s deal???

ESS Technologies Sound Card Drivers Download

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I disabled all unnecessary onboard devices to free resources like ports, built in audio etc. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. The ALS you’d probably have to try a few until you found one whose hiss you could live with.

The card still works fine in Windows Now try if you still wish. Which music mode should they be set to to es193s8 the best?

I ordered one of those modern waveboards, dont remember its name. Makes me unsure about which autoexec and config to actually edit. I tried a driver i found online but it didnt work and im really struggling to find the correct one.

Index of /ESS ES1938S/WIN98

PCI sound cards vs. The only low profile soundcard I could find was the Audigy SE which doesn’t have Win98 drivers anyway. Sound Blaster or something else?


This site hosts no abandonware. After restart with F8 and “Command prompt only” i can see se1938s sound card being initialized.

The Audigy seems to be the oldest creative card that comes in wln98 profile, I can see Win98 drivers exist, but does anyone know about SB16 emulation in DOS?

Maybe it’s possible to modify one of Terratecs Solo-1 cards to fit inside a case intended for low profile cards as it’s height is between low profile and full height. Thanks a lot for the help!

Google [Bot] and 3 guests. What about others I don’t know. PCI sound cards vs.