Immersion have a list of iFeel-supporting games here ; it’s not a long list. Me, I’ll just stick with a mouse that doesn’t think it’s sixty million times better. You can turn the overall power down, though, and make the effects very subtle if you want. The plain iFeel Mouse is an ordinary-sized, ordinary-shaped unit Go ahead and play with an iFeel mouse in the shop and see what you think.

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They also work in games. The guts of the iFeel MouseMan look much like the innards of any similar mouse – microswitches for ifsel buttons, separate board for the wheel assembly – except for the little Harmonic Drive whatsit attached to the lid. The iFeel ifwel are both USB devices, and they come with Logitech’s standard Mouseware driver software, and the separate iFeel driver package, both of which are set up as part of the standard install process.

Logitech 930525-0403 iFeel Mouse –

Inside Wondering what the heck a high-fidelity Inertial Harmonic Drive engine looks like? There’s no way to just send an iFeel mouse the bass frequencies from any game’s soundtrack, or something; if the game’s not TouchSense enabled, you get nothing.

The top of the mouse keeps exactly the same texture all the time. If you can see perfectly well, I can think of no rational reason for you to buy one of these things.

It’s comfortable to use, ireel if you switch back and forth between it and an Explorer, you’re likely to keep accidentally pressing the MouseMan’s fourth button – the Explorer’s two side buttons are higher up.

Getting going The iFeel mouses are both USB devices, and they come with Logitech’s standard Mouseware driver software, and the separate iFeel driver package, both of which are set up as part of the standard logitehc process.


In general, I’m always happy lpgitech see another unobtrusive way to convey information to the user. Aus PC Market don’t sell these products any more click here to see their current mouse-related productsbut you can still try a price search at DealTime! Well no, you can’t, because the mouse can’t pull your hand anywhere.

I’ve found only two commands that you can send to the device that actually do anything. And us about it. Force-feedback mousemn wheels and joysticks can make flying and driving games considerably more involving – not to mention let you know when you’re flying too fast to bank hard, or when you’re buzzing your tyres over the ripple strip.

The Logitech iFeel Mouse is essentially the same as their wonderful normal-sized optical wheel mouse, but with the addition of pseudo force-feedback in the form of a vibration mechanism. The plain iFeel Mouse is an ordinary-sized, ordinary-shaped unit If it were cordless, that could be really awkward.

They don’t “just vibrate”. If you find any problems or have any questions let me know.

While I’m far from an expert on such things, I would imagine that it could help those with sight disabilities. It can just buzz as you size the window. At maximum power, it’s ridiculous. It’s even ideel symmetrical than the Intellimouse Explorer. And that’s a bunch of steaming fertiliser, if you ask me.

Also untested are the other mice using Immersion’s TouchSense that have popped up recently. Well, unless you’re left-handed and it’s the MouseMan, in which case you can swing it around on its cable and threaten the gift-giver with it until they give mouswman something better.


I tell you – if we ever let the Immersion buzzword-creation people come up with a name for say, a Boeingthe world won’t contain enough paper to write down the result. Fortunately, the iFeel mouses mousseman stuff in things other than plain Windows applications. It’s got the see-through base, as well, with its fourth button close to the bottom edge on the thumb side for right-handers – left-handed users need not apply.

If you want a delay longer than ms or more than pulses, you have to do it yourself using lotitech vibrate commands.

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OK, it’s just a buzzing mouse, it’s not Big Disco Bass. So much for the look. It gets an appropriate voltage from the mouse at whatever frequency the computer’s requested, it yanks on the nylon link, the mouse-top shakes. I have no idea what the source code or a human readable form of the software might look like, nor did I try to find that out as far as I remember [hic].

As with my previous release of additional platform support for a computer peripheral named after a small furry mammal, the revelation of how to make my new mouse shake its little rodent booty came with the help of Prof. What follows I learned by analyzing the surprisingly simple Be program which was causing the aforementioned incessant oscillation.