Review Pictures Compare Specifications. This phone only for smart people and that’s why called “Smartphone”. Moto Q9H is a great phone. In addition, business users will be able to access other services, such as: I cannot understand why motorola did that. No phone of Motorola is with wifi.

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Problem using Motorola Q9 as Modem wireless with Vista

Ugh, so many buttons are confusing! S Also i have the Sims 2 my computer and i know there is a mobile game version can i sync it somehow so i can put all my families on my phone and check up on them at work? Now i can talk to my friends online anytime, anywhere. This is a fully hosted, on-demand and comprehensive GPS-based workforce-management solution.

In addition, business users will be able to access other services, such as: Not sure if it’s the speaker or the phone. No phone of Motorola is with wifi. I use a Imate Jasjam on Telstra, moyodev this looks like its going to beat it hands down: These are problems I’ve faced basically due to Motorola’s engineering problems I have this phone, love it.


Motorola Bundles SplashID with Brand New Moto Q9h Smartphone

Believe “Motorola Q9H Official” website. This feature helps ensure that confidential information remains that way. Certain mobile phone features may not be available throughout the entire network or their functionality may be limited.

Push email is good because it has more functionality than blackberry, but at the expense of much higher data usage. It just handicaps you in a lot of scheduling work. It comes with docs to go which allow me to create word, excel, powerpoint and pdf!


The EDGE network is available in more than 13, cities and towns and along some 40, miles of major highways. Total of user reviews and opinions for Motorola Q 9h.

The phone works great out of the box. All features, functionality and other product specifications are subject to mtodev without notice or obligation. So most corporates use Blackberry. All GPRS settings should be ok, provided by my operator and manually put in. Beyond moyodev uses, the MOTO Q global provides consumers with rich messaging and entertainment experiences.

Using Good Mobile Messaging 5 on the MOTO Q global, business users get a fully integrated mobile RSS reader and subscription manager, the ability to group and sort e-mail by conversation threads, the ability to customize priority e-mail with personalized notifications and complete calendar capabilities, including real-time free-busy visibility.


It takes some getting used to since the touch screen is not available. In addition, Good Mobile Messaging 5 provides IT managers with ultimate control through advanced security and management capabilities, including a mandatory application checker, application blacklisting, granular device-feature lockdown and SD-card and database encryption, all through a single management console with complete over-the-air controls.

Review Pictures Compare Specifications.

Motorola Q 9h – User opinions and reviews – page 24

No wifi, doooooom to fail. This phone only for smart people and that’s why called “Smartphone”. Personally, I own this phone. I love the msn too. So how do you phone numbers on this phone? Having trouble accessing internet highspeed from my new Q9H. Newest first Oldest first Best rating. It wont even connect to regular GPRS network.