The three most significant bits from the filter feed to a triplet of interconnected NAND gates which produce the logic output G 1. The output from delay network 31 couples to the input of a second delay network 35 whose output couples to a second multiplier Plugin for Motorola A This invention relates to tone detecting systems and, more particularly, to an improved programmable tone detector in digital form. The arrangement of claim 1 wherein the first and second mixers produce binary output signals and wherein the digital filter comprises summer means for summing a pair of binary signals received at its first and second inputs and providing the resultant at its output, first multiplier means for multiplying the first and second mixer produced binary signals by a first predetermined binary constant and passing the resultant signal to the first input of the summer, delay means for producing at its output a predetermined time delay of signals at its inputs, means coupling the summer output to the delay input, and second multiplier means for multiplying the output from the time delay means by a second predetermined binary constant and passing the resultant signal to the second input of the summer, whereby the output from the summer is a binary number signal representative of a low pass transfer of the binary signals from the first and second mixers. Discrete interfering signals may also be coupled in through the transmission media.

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Could someone from Apple who reads this please point me in the right of the solution? The received data from the answer modem was compared for errors on a bit-by- bit basis with the transmitted data. Plugin for Motorola E I have seen a few sites with info to create one.

Multiplier 37 multiplies signals by a second constant K2, applying the resultant to the summer When the counter reaches a count of ten, i. The improvement of claim motoroola wherein the filter first and second outputs comprise a pair of binary signals and wherein the processing means comprises a threshold logic circuit means for processing said binary signals, the output of which logic circuit assumes a first logic level in response to predetermined combinations of said binary signals, the output otherwise assuming a second logic state.


The amount of modulation or sideband energy that falls in the adjacent channel is an item of concern in full duplex operation. How- ever, keeping constant delay near the band edges is quite difficuh, if not impossible.

The improvement of claim 15 wherein the digital low pass filter further comprises: In addition, by time multiplexing techniques a single digital circuit can process a plurality of signal lines, thus avoiding circuit duplication. Such items as maximum input level and input offset voltage of the limiting device must be carefully considered.

This corresponds to a sigtud-to- noise ratio on the telephone line of 4. There are several types of K1 phones; I don’t know the differences K1t, K1m, K1c between them but I do know that Apple doesn’t support them all.

The forced response of this network is: All replies Drop Down menu. The improvement of claim 14 wherein the reference generator further comprises: In a subsequent sampling time, the information stored in delay 31 is passed to delay 35, corresponding to second array flip A 27 stage shift motoropa is a logical choice for this application since the tones to be detected are motorolz millisecond bursts, and it takes at least 6 milliseconds for the filter to reach threshold under strong signal conditions.

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I guess i’m going to have to design my own iSync plug-in for this phone. Reducing the effects of band limited white noise is accomplished by decreasing the bandwidth of the filter.

This error appears in the form of phase jitter and bias distoitioii at the demodulator output of the MC Further, digital designs can achieve a higher precision, and maintain the precision over wider temperature ranges and time intervals, than analog circuits. The result of each sample is then placed in the shift registerwhich is also clocked at the one millisecond rate.


The detector arrangement comprises a generator, having first and second outputs, which produces at its first output a signal at the reference frequency, and at its second output a signal at the same frequency but at a predetermined phase reference to the first signal.

Sampling by the comparator was done at the center of the data bit. Literally hundreds of active devices may be fabricated and interconnected on monolithic, macroscopic chips. Plugin for Motorola K1t.

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An improved digital detector arrangement for detecting the presence of a tone of a given frequency f comprising in combination: Bandpass filters for evaluating the MC were de- signed to have approximately a Hz, -3 dB bandwidth with a Chebyschev response.

The arrangement of claim 1 wherein the reference generator further comprises clock means and a programmable divider means, the clock producing a stable reference frequency signal, and the divider dividing the clock output by a modulus N, the modulus N programmable in a predetermined manner in response to a selected frequency f whereby the clock signal is divided to the frequency f at first and second outputs, the second output in predetermined phase relationship with the first.

The improvement of claim 14 wherein the processing means comprises a plurality of threshold detecting means, each detecting means producing a threshold detect signal in response to predetermined first and second vector components, the arrangement further comprising means to selectively activate one of the desired threshold detectors.

Moreover, the bandpass filter characteristics must be stable both as to temperature and time so as to assure proper operation of the communication system.

A typical test configuration is illustrated and the results are documented. The low pass digital filter 24 is described more fully hereinafter with reference to FIG.

This corresponds to motlrola. The 4fo output is fed to the clock input of FF